‚Äčequipping haitians to minister to haitians

A the very center of our ministry philosophy is the idea that it is better to equip indigenous people for ministry than it is to do ministry on their behalf. This is not always immediately possible but by and large local people minister to people in their own context better than someone from the outside. A Christian leader in Haiti has all the passion and zeal of any missionary anywhere. What they lack are resources and training. We provide both along with love and genuine friendship as  we covenant  with Haitian leaders to fulfill their calling in Christ!

*The Pictures to the right are Gary with his mother. Gary is the Director of Matthew 25 Ministries. Ben is the Director of Evangelism and oversees team schedules and activities.

  • Locals understand their language better than we likely ever will. 
  • Locals understand their culture likely better than we every will.
  • Locals have deep relationships in their community that take time to cultivate and in some ways are not possible to duplicate on the part of outside missionaries.   
  • Supply and Multiply has been given deep relationships with a handful of Haitian Christians whom we trust and love. Our network is always growing through authentic relationship. Our Haitian staff and partners enjoy being a part of a ministry that respects them and equips them to do the work God has called them to do. We are their partners and they are our greatest assets and resources as we do ministry in Haiti. 
    • Covenant Relationship.
    • Accountability.
    • Mutual Respect.
    • Christian Brotherhood. 
    • Christian Love. 
    • Nou ap famni. (We are family) 

Who is the most effective missionary for haiti?