A completed house build for Jeffyies - an elderly man in the Matthew 25 House program. 

A repaired wall and window for increased health and safety. 

We often provide beds in conjunction with builds or as separate projects to increase health, comfort, and safety.

Sonja opening the door on her new house.

Completed House for Sonya. 

Check out the incredible work of One Heart 2 Homes. In addition to the partnership of our regular supporters and special friends that make a huge difference, Rick and Angela Pena and their team from One Heart 2 Homes are providing the foundation of support for the Matthew 25 Builds projects. We are thrilled that God sent them to partner with us. This is something God did and we are eternally grateful for their empowering us to change lives!

MATTHEW 25 Builds

"Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me." (Matthew 25:40)

Building Homes


  • We coordinate and oversee the building of homes for homeless families using Haitian labor, creating Haitian employment. One house at a time, we get families out of very inadequate housing, such as under a tarp. Many homes are started but never finished, dilapidated  and unsafe, and were built with substandard materials.
  • How do you identify families? Almost entirely through relationships with trusted Haitian partners in the community.. We prayerfully consider the need and how meeting the need will elevate the family and bring glory to God.
  • How much does a project cost? Every project is unique with differing circumstances. Repair projects depend on the size of the existent home, the nature of the need, and other factors. Re-build projects depend on similar factors such as the extent to which existent materials may be reused. Build projects are affected by land ownership or lack of it, needed materials, etc.If your church group or organization is interested in building a home for a Haitian family, contact us to make it happen.

  • Supply and Multiply also coordinates and facilitates smaller scale blessings of home improvements for safety, beds for increased health and comfort, and various similar projects as doors open to be a blessing to families and individuals in Montrouis.