School Sponsorship Information:

Each one of our staff members children receive their education by Supply and Multiply. We also have a few students that God has placed in the life of the ministry and we provide their education as well. We can only provide this blessing though sponsors.

 In Haiti, there is a wide range in the cost of education due to many factors. In addition, some of our students take advance classes such as English, Computers, or Music. As a ministry we also bless several schools with their various needs such as desk, supplies, and repairs. We have several Bible Club Kids that are not Staff Kids that we bless with supplemental resources to keep them in school. This varies from child to child and includes things like uniforms, books, and fees. It is for the above reasons that we ask that a pledge $250 a school year per child.  This provides a child uniforms, books, supplies and book bag, exams, and tuition for a specific student. If that students cost are lower, the blessing is passed to another student or school.

School Sponsorships can be paid monthly or as a onetime donation.

If you have a specific student in our school sponsorship program you would like to sponsor, please let us know.

Financial Information:

You can support us monthly through PayPal, Bank Draft, or by mailing donations directly to our ministry treasurer.
Bank Draft: Deposit should be made into the Supply and Multiply Account #87010095535. Routing #051400549

Supply and Multiply, 15202 NW 147th Drive, Suite 1200 #245, Alachua, Florida 32615

All donations are tax deductible, Supply and Multiply is a 501(c)(3)